Remaining balance must be paid to being editing / Receive Footage . Your Photos and or Videos will be available for viewing Via  Google Drive Folder that we will send you . You will have 30days to download some or all of your content . After the 30th day that folder will be deleted. 


If remaining payment isn’t paid after the first 7-14 days We work out a payment plan or give  a certain time period to pay it off . If the balance isn’t paid your project will only be used for content purposes for us and the remaining footage/ pictures will be disposed of. 



Once content is sent out and you’re unsatisfied , we are obligated to re-edit . If the Re-edits aren’t pleasing a refund of up to 0-10 % can be given . Depending on how much Content .  



Deposit policy 

Deposit must be sent to hold your date(s) 

Deposit are non refundable. 

Deposit are due as soon as possible. Date is set to pending . If your deposit isn’t secured other customers may reserve your Date. 

 If no one reserves your day and the deposit is late ( 2-3 days before your session) you’ll be charged a late fee up to $50-75 . If there is no deposit made before your requested shoot . We will cancel your shoot.




If rescheduling is needed ,a rescheduling fee will be added depending on how early or late the notice 

- Early notice $35

- Late notice  $75 


Pushing back time ( running late ) 

  • If you are running late we will not add additional time for you . You will have to purchase more time ( if more time is available ) 
  • To avoid having to purchase more time we will need a 24 to 48 hour notice so we may adjustments your session time . 


Late policies 

  1. If your remaining balance is 2 weeks late your footage or pictures will be deleted . ( Are you can pay for the raw materials and have someone else edit them . )
  2. If deposit is late ( 2-3 days before your event ) you’ll be charged a late fee up to $50-75 . 
  3. If there is no deposit made before your requested shoot . We will cancel your shoot.


If any Extra hours are needed on site  you’ll be sent a separate invoice for these hours. Invoice payment will need to be submitted before receiving content . 


Re edit Policy 


Only 1 re edit is given to each customer.  


You’ll have 24 hours after receiving the project to request re edit . 


Once the 24 hours is up . We will have being to charge $25 ( half of our original fee ) an hour for editing. 


We encourage everyone to have clear ideas of their projects and always communicate your vision with the team . To avoid re editing . We are always l listening and will do anything we can to make your vision come to life . We want it to be perfect the very first time . 



Ad Usage 

We use our previous clients projects for ads and content . You can opt out by informing us. If client doesn’t inform us before submitting deposit we can / will use your project for content . 


By Submitting your deposit you are agreeing to these policies and that you fully understand them.